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here your beautiful

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Welcome to this_beauty. There are some things you should know. This is a rating community. We will rate on your application and your photos. Don't join if you cant take bad comments.

Secondly, there is auto-accepted and rejected. Like other communities, you have to earn them. I am going to be the only mod for now, until I find somebody really good to help me. But the Mods have to earn autos as well.

Another thing I would like to say is you need to promote, and stay active. If you aren't staying active, im going to kick you out. I am not a very mean person, so all i ask is to stay active and follow the rules.

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1.You must fill out an application. You have a week after joining to do so.
2.I would like to keep the cussing and such down. I don't want to offend anyone.
3.No inappropriate pictures. Your entry will be deleted. I will ban and report you.
4.No racial comments. That goes for making fun of someones religion, ect.
5.You must promote and stay active.
6.Once you are accepted, you may vote. Please don't be extremely mean.
7.You must be 14 or older. DO NOT apply if you aren't 14.
8.Everything behind an LJ-Cut please. If you don't know how, find out :).
9.Stamped members, when you vote put yes or no in the subject line. If its not there, it doesnt count.

You must follow these rules. If you don't you'll be banned.

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Copy this, and dont use rich text.. please

Promotion banner :)copy and paste em...
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This is the accepted list. If you were accepted and you arent on this list. Please let a mod/co-mod know.

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This is the rejected list. If you were accepted, and accidently put on this list please let a mod/co-mod know.

If you have been rejected you can try back in 2 weeks. If you were rejected again, you can't re-try

No Current Members :)

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This is the banned list. If you were banned, there is no getting another chance. If you are on this list by mistake please let a mod/co-mod know. We will keep track, so don't try to fool us.

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eara_icons for icon base(s)